Course Etiquette


  • Soft Spikes are required on the course. Metal Spikes are not permitted. A Soft Spike fitting service is available in the club Pro Shop.

Course Attire

  • Appropriate golfing attire is required. Denim clothing, sports jerseys / t-shirts and round neck t-shirts are not acceptable both in the Clubhouse & on the Golf course. With regard to shorts, only tailored shorts are permitted. Click here to view our Dress Code.

Slow Play

  • Players are asked to show courtesy for fellow players by avoiding slow play. A course ranger will be on duty to monitor the pace of play. Fourballs should complete the course in under four hours.

Replace Divots and Repair Ball Marks

  • Turf cut or displaced should be replaced and pressed down. Damage to the putting green made by the ball or player should be carefully repaired.

Bunker Play

  • Players are asked when entering a bunker, to do so from the low side. Before leaving a bunker, players are asked to fill up and smooth over all hole and footprints. Please use the rake provided.

Behaviour During Play

  • Players are asked to show courtesy for fellow players by not moving, talking or standing close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a fellow player is addressing the ball or making a stroke. The player who has the honour should be allowed to play before a fellow competitor addresses the ball.

Mobile Phones

  • Mobile Phones are restricted to members of the medical profession on call. Please switch your mobile off both on the course and in the clubhouse (except in emergency situations).