Dress Code;

Dress Code;

We are a friendly and modern Club and your enjoyment both on and off the Course is of importance to us. Not unlike most sports we believe that adhering to a dress code enhances the experience of the occasion.

Smart casual dress is essential in the clubhouse and on the course. Casual dress worn on the course must be clean, neat and tidy.

What’s not allowed:


Sports shorts (tailored shorts only may be worn)

Football attire, tracksuits (tops or bottoms)

Golf shoes only must be worn on the course

Golf shoes worn on the course are not acceptable in the clubhouse

Mobile Phones;

The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the Clubhouse, so please proceed to the foyer to receive or make a call.  Please ensure that the phone is switched to silent at all times.  Mobile phone should also be switched to silent on the Course and their use restricted to urgent calls only.

Club staff are authorised to approach Members and Visitors if the dress regulations and use of mobile phones are not being adhered to.