Co Cavan Golf Club Newsletter October 2019

It is the Parent Committee’s strategy that an informed newsletter be circulated to the Club membership on a regular basis going forward. The recent feedback suggests that members want to know what is happening within the Club and what future plans the Club have set in place to meet the challenges ahead.

The Parent Committee are committed to improving communication channels so that members can relay back their comments & opinions in an open, constructive & efficient way.

The sole objective is that the best interests of the Club are served.


Year to date the Club generated fundraising income of €41k which is a phenomenal achievement. The breakdown is €21k from the 125 Classic in September, €7k from the Club Classic in May, €6k from Grab a Guna organised by the Ladies Club and €7k from “Find the Joker”, table quiz & sponsored tee boxes.

An upcoming event scheduled in the coming weeks is a draw for timber gathered from the course after recent storms.

The fundraising committee formed at the beginning of the year overseen by the respective Captains have put in a massive effort and plans are in place for 2020 and beyond. 

A big thank you for all the committee and participants who contributed to the success of these projects.

The fundraising agenda is a key strategy to ensure the future success of the Club.


The Club received a Sports Council Grant of €112k to purchase 2 new mowers costing €132k. After consultations with 3 manufacturers (John Deere, Toro, Jacobsen) the decision was made to deal with John Deere.The negotiations included a servicing agreement ensuring our new & existing equipment are properly maintained for the coming years.

The Club’s equity of €20k into the purchase of the 2 mowers came from the funds raised in last years Mission 99 Fundraiser. Thank you to the Mission 99 committee and Bill Noble for their hard work.

This highlights the importance of members supporting the Club’s fundraising activities as we now have a top of the range fairway & rough mower which will significantly improve the condition of our course going forward.

A special mention goes to our Honorary Secretary David Shiels who spent a huge amount of time completing the necessary application and dealing with the Sports Council. 

The support of the Sports Council is very much appreciated and the involvement of Co Cavan Golf Club within the wider local community was acknowledged.

David having got the taste of success will be looking at other opportunities to get external financial support into the future.


The Parent Committee have received several complaints in relation to the condition of the course in recent weeks.

It is very encouraging that members have taken the time out to express their constructive concerns and this shows how much Co Cavan Golf Club means to them.

The Parent Committee would ideally love to have the course immaculate all year round but without sounding defensive this is simply not realistic given recent weather conditions and indeed financial constraints.

The Cavan area has received 3 times the average rainfall for September/October meaning that ground conditions are extremely wet. The Greens Convenor and his staff have not been in a position to mow fairways and rough for 6 weeks as to do so would result in longer term damage to the course and machinery.

The Greens staff have reverted back to a 3-day week, but the Parent Committee have agreed that this reverts to a 5-day week as soon as ground conditions improve.

The Greens Convenor has put a rota in place whereby the grounds staff are kept busy during the winter months and periods where unfavourable weather conditions arise (weeding, power hosing, tree thinning, drainage, repairs).

The Parent Committee welcome ongoing feedback and going forward if you have any opinions or observations please email

The bunkering around the course needs considerable attention and this will be getting a greater focus for 2020.

On a positive note, the quality of our greens in 2019 have been excellent. Recent hollow coring / sanding of the 18 greens will stand to us for the coming months and year.

Thank you to our Greens Convenor Ed Kellett who invests a huge amount of his time on a voluntary basis to ensure the course is well maintained and we are very lucky to have him on board.

Club Professional:

With the recent departure of Bill Noble after a 16-year residency at Co Cavan Golf Club, the Parent Committee have looked at various options in relation to a replacement.

The view held is that ideally, we would advertise for a full time PGA professional, but the financial constraints do not allow this proceed. The Club’s membership is ageing, and we are not replacing departing members with enough full members. By employing a full time professional we would be bringing an additional financial burden when we are not on a firm financial footing despite recent improvements which should be reflected in the 2019 Financial Accounts.

An interim measure agreed by the Parent Committee is that Peter Duignan PGA Professional attached to Co Longford Golf Club will provide lessons, club repairs & a shop initially covering each Wednesday and Saturday.

This advantage of this arrangement is that

– it maintains the presence of a qualified PGA professional to our members and visitors with no cost implications.

– it allows the club hold onto the driving range which is a vital income generator for the Club and is performing well.

– it allows the clubhouse bar to remain open for longer which will make the club a more welcoming place particularly midweek and at quieter periods. This has been a concern of the members in recent years and this should address this to some extent.

-under the agreement with Peter Duignan, he is to provide time slots for group coaching to our juvenile membership which is an area that requires considerable attention. The youth is the future of our Club.

Finally, we wish Bill Noble every success in his new role in St Anne’s Golf Club and his dedication & hard work over the years is greatly appreciated in Co Cavan Golf Club.

Honorary Treasurer:

The Parent Committee was notified by our Honorary Treasurer Vincent Walsh at the most recent meeting that he intends to step down from the position after 10 years in the role. Thank you to Vincent for all his dedication to the role during this period as he had considerable challenges to face after the economic downturn.

Vincent has significantly contributed to the fact that the club’s future is now in its own destiny and in a better financial footing to meet the challenges ahead.


The Parent Committee asks each of you to try to introduce new members to Co Cavan Golf Club. We are a member’s club with the course now owned by our Debenture holders all of whom are club members. We are committed to a better future for the Club and you can help us on this journey by asking family, friends and neighbours to join up as a member.

This is the most important message of this newsletter. With new members the club will grow & prosper so we can pass on the game of golf and the resulting friendships that are formed onto the next generation. 

Course Info

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Course Open. All 18 holes playable. Placing through the green. All Bunkers to be treated as G.U.R. No Buggies allowed


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